Cramer-Krasselt, The Atlantic Take Porsche for a Joy Ride

By Patrick Coffee 

Sponsored content, native advertising and wearable technology, oh my!

Here’s a campaign that combines all of our favorite buzz phrases. Re:think, the in-house creative marketing group at The Atlantic, teamed up with Cramer-Krasselt and Omnicom Media Group to make a short film promoting client Porsche.

The campaign has its own page, and the mag’s PR team is pitching it to all the media trades. The “short film” itself is fairly self-explanatory:


In short, every driver got a slightly different thrill out of the experience…which reminds us that Masters of Sex is a pretty decent show.

No creative credits for this one yet, but we do have a quote:

“Art of the Thrill is one of The Atlantic’s first programs to be presented in a new responsive format for sponsor content. The design-first approach offers greater flexibility in both presentation and interactivity, allowing Atlantic Re:think and advertisers to produce more immersive, engaging, visually rich content experiences.”

Got that?