GS&P Director of Talent Heads to Google

By Patrick Coffee 

Zach CanfieldThanks to a tipster and our friendly neighborhood LinkedIn, we can confirm that an ad industry veteran has moved to either the dark or light side (depending on your perspective).

Zach Canfield, who has nearly fifteen years of experience in creative recruiting and director of talent roles with GS&P and Wieden+Kennedy, is now global creative recruiting lead at Google.

We have no details regarding his move, but it would appear that the West Coast’s tech titans are now actively poaching talent from local agencies (not that this is a new development). While Canfield doesn’t have creative credits on campaigns, he does have many recommendations for “creative direction.” On his profile he writes, “I’ve been lucky enough to work with and hire some of the best creatives in the world,” so we assume he played a role in hiring a few of the creatives mentioned on this very blog.


His only appearance on AgencySpy to date came back in July, when we shared an image of GS&P’s new reception area. The critical response was…divided.