Cramer-Krasselt Debuts First Work for Bic

By Patrick Coffee 

Cramer-Krasselt went through a few changes after winning headlines for resigning the Panera account last year: ECD Larry Hampel departed and the agency hired Ken Erke, formerly of Y&R Chicago, to lead its creative team.

The most significant development of late 2014, however, concerned the agency’s win on the Bic Men’s Razors account (incumbent Source Marketing retained the women’s side of the business).

A few days ago, the agency quietly debuted “Smooth Up,” its first campaign for the brand. The work aims to teach men “how to be a gentleman” in various settings with the help of a nameless, musical Mary Poppins-esque character.

She’s not quite Julie Andrews.

Here’s the first ad, “How to Be a Gentleman in a Bar”:

The second one takes place “on the street”:

Finally — because you asked — here is “How to Be a Gentleman in an Elevator”:

For the record, we are only slightly offended by the suggestion that men with poorly-managed facial hair are ruder than those without.

How many of the “bros” in your creative department shave every day?