Les Gaulois Shares Boy’s Superpower for Acadomia

By Erik Oster 

Parisian agency Les Gaulois, perhaps best-known for its canine-friendly Citro├źn campaign, launched an imaginative spot for Acadomia, a company offering “academic support and tutoring for children,” entitled “George.”

The “George” of the title is a young boy who shares that he has “a power” which allows him to time-travel, “enter into other people’s heads,” understand other cultures and “makes me become who I want to be.” At the end of the spot he re-introduces himself and reveals that his power is to learn. While the concept isn’t groundbreaking, or even terribly original, the execution is spot on. The ad is incredibly well-produced, with footage that works in synergy with the copy in imaginative and visually stunning ways. Beyond mere eye-candy, though, the visuals help extend and elaborate on George’s narrative in a compelling way. So while the ad’s big reveal hardly comes as a surprise, the ad is charming enough that it doesn’t really matter.


Client: Acadomia
Agency: Les Gaulois, France
Creative Directors: Marco Venturelli, Luca Cinquepalmi
Art Director: Mickael Jeanne
Copywriter: Alexandre Drouillard
Director: Jeppe Ronde