CP+B Takes to Twitter with Kraft ‘Mac & Jinx’

By Kiran Aditham 

Now that the Golden Voice spot has seemingly come and gone, CP+B is pushing Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese to the Twitterverse with a new promotion called “Mac & Jinx,” which plays off the “jinx” game of yore–only this time, you thankfully don’t  get a shot in the arm or owe anyone a Coke. The idea is fairly straightforward: whenever two people individually include the phrase “mac & cheese” in a tweet, they’ll each get a link regarding “Mac & Jinx.” Whoever clicks it first and sends Kraft their address gets a t-shirt and five boxes of the good stuff.  Now, who wants to take us on?

Update: Though it’s a hot trending topic, we’re hearing from some folks that Mac & Jinx is “blowing up [Twitter] with disappointment” and some with “newsfeeds full of people” haven’t heard any success stories as of yet. How could we not see this coming?


Update 2: We’ve been told that it’s more a luck of the draw promotion, not “any time” (the algorithm pings at random intervals according to those who’ve notified us). Nonetheless, Mac & Jinx has garnered well over one million 1.5 million participants today alone. Wonder how this will affect the t-shirt supply.

via Mashable