AICP Case Studies Come to Thrilling Conclusion

By Bob Marshall 

The AICP Show & Next Awards is extending its entry deadline by one week to March 11. Along with the extension, the final installment of AICP’s “All Art is Advertising” is launching today, the fourth effort from the young creative minds at the VCU Brandcenter.

Past installments of the series touched on a variety of classic works of art that did a lot more than look pretty. From Leonardo’s “Vitruvian Man” fighting Italy’s obesity epidemic to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting revitalizing Catholicism throughout Europe to the Eiffel Tower helping France get its baby-making groove back, we’ve enjoyed the interesting insights from this video series.


This time around, the VCU Brandcenter argues that the first known artwork in history, the neolithic cave paintings, actually served as advertisements for a carnivorous diet. Apparently, cavemen were suffering from a vitamin deficiency due to their reliance on “gathering” in favor of “hunting.” After the cave paintings, nine out of 10 cavemen became self-described (huh?) carnivores. Yet again, advertising saves humanity. Credits after the jump.

Ad Campaign: VCU Brandcenter

Art Director/Video Producer: Brianna Lohr
Copywriter/Video Producer: Claire Wyckoff
Copywriter/Video Producer: Lane Karczewksi
Interactive Art Director: Stephen Hadinger
Strategist: Gautam Ramdurai
Strategist/Project Manager: Kyla Wagman

Video Editor: David Satterfield

Music/Sound Design

COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound

Partner: Ravi Krishnaswami

Partner: Jason Menkes

Audio Postproduction/Voiceover Recording


Mixer: Kevin Halpin
Executive Producer: Jeff Rosner

Technical Producer: Davide Berardi

Web Developer

Istros Media Corporation

Voiceover Artists

Jamie Cummings (Eiffel Tower, Cave Paintings)

Rachel Feldman (Vitruvian Man)

Claire Wyckoff (Sistine Chapel)