CP+B Boulder Returns with More ‘Captain Obvious’ for Hotels.com

By Erik Oster 

CP+B Boulder returns with more “Captain Obvious” work for Hotels.com, featuring the character thrown into scenarios involving binge watching, online dating and a drill sergeant.

The agency first introduced Captain Obvious over three years ago and since then its use of the character has grown slightly less heavy-handed. Rather than focus on the Captain for the entirety of the 30-second, the character enters a comedic scenario to chime in with his self-evident observations.

In “Binge,” for example, easily the highlight of the bunch, a couple has just finished a binge-watching marathon in which they went through “all ten seasons in one sitting.” For sanitary reasons, we hope they didn’t mean “one sitting” literally, but at any rate they managed to stack up their fair share of mail and takeout containers in the process. Captain Obvious shows at the spot’s conclusion to point out that “Binge watching isn’t always rewarding, but Hotels.com is.”

“First Date” examines the familiar scenario of online dating gone creepy, with Captain Obvious’ contributing a well-timed observation, while “Drill Sergeant” fails to make the most of another tired trope. Each spot concludes with a look at how Hotels.com’s “instant savings” and rewards features can help users save money.

Advertising Agency: CP+B Boulder, USA
VP / Chief Creative Officer: Ralph Watson
Creative Director: Brian Friedrich
Associate Creative Directors: Brett Dixon, Nicholas Buckingham
Copywriter: Ian Hill
VP / Executive Director Of Art Direction / Design: Dave Swartz
Designer: Billy Li
Art Producer: Lindsey Baltimore
VP / Director of Content Production / Boulder: Sloan Schroeder
Producer / Video: Rachel Noonan
Production Company: Caviar / Los Angeles
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Executive Producers: Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlinson
Director Of Photography: Ken Seng
Editorial Company: No6 / Santa Monica
Editor: Chan Hatcher
Assistant Editor: Randy Baublis
Post Producer: Michelle Dorsch
Post Production: No7 / Santa Monica
Vfx Artist: Verdi Sevenhuysen
Mix Company: Lime Studios / Santa Monica
Mix Artist: Mark Meyuhas
Executive Producer / Mix: Susie Boyajan
Animation Company: Method Design Studios / New York
Telecine: Co3 / Los Angeles
Colorist: Siggy Ferstl
Senior Producer / Telecine: Matt Moran
Account Director: Sarah Castner
Content Management Supervisor: Brice Tomlinson
Content Supervisor: Alyssa Fitterer
Content Manager: Ilyssa Schwartz
Business Affairs: Daphne Papadopulos
Head of Integrated Strategy: Dean Mcbeth