FCB New York Introduces ‘Little Lungs’ to Show ‘The Real Cost’ of Smoking for the FDA

By Erik Oster 

FCB New York launched a new “Little Lungs” PSA as part of the FDA’s “The Real Cost” anti-smoking campaign.

Built around the insight that stunted lung growth from smoking can prevent you from enjoying activities with peers, a series of PSA spots tell the story of “a pair of lungs that smoked as a teen and never grew to normal size” on a series of misadventures that always end with Little Lungs facing unexpected misfortune. In “Birthday,” for example, the diminutive pair of lungs is unable to blow out candles on a birthday cake, leading to it catching on fire and falling out the window. “Snowboard,” “Bike,” “Pool” and “P.E” all feature similarly cartoonish downfalls for the character. Thankfully, there’s no tooth-pulling involved.

The digital campaign will target teens on outlets including YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. According to a press release, the effort particularly focuses on “reaching at-risk teens, who live a more chaotic lifestyle and suffer from lower socioeconomic and educational levels making them more stressed out than their peers.”

“What Little Lungs lacks in respiratory capacity, he makes up for in spades with lovability, craftily delivering his message about the dangers of teenage smoking by packaging them in a very entertaining animated content series,” FCB New York CCO Ari Halper said in a statement.



FCB Creative:
Ari Halper, Chief Creative Officer, EVP
Gary Resch, Executive Creative Director, EVP
Liem Nguyen, Creative Director
Justin Chen, Creative Director
James Meiser, Art Director
Cecile Robertshaw, Copywriter

FCB Production:
Stacy Flaum, Executive Producer
Pamela MacGillivray, Business Manager

FCB Account Management:
Jeff Tarakajian, Group Management Director, EVP
Suzanne Santiago, Group Management Director, SVP
Dimas Adiwiyoto, Account Director, VP
Earl Adams, Account Director
Mallika Rao, Account Supervisor
Jared Shell, Account Supervisor

FCB Strategy:
Mark Hall, Strategy Director, VP

Production Company: Hornet
Production Company City: New York
Director: Peter Sluszka

Editing: Hornet

Music: We Are Walker