Cossette Games the Arctic for Royal Canadian Mint

By Jordan Teicher 

Educational video games typically offer up half-hearted gaming experiences that grow staler by the click. It’s like the developers weren’t sure how to balance the knowledge with the fun, so they just half-assed both parts. Rarely do we get to enjoy the two like in an Oregon Trail. Who knew caulking a river could be so much fun?

Based on the screenshots and trailer for the Royal Canadian Mint’s new digital children’s game, Cossette has teased enough creativity to at least get kids interested in checking it out. The release marks the 100th anniversary of first Canadian Arctic expedition (although according to the trailer, the timeline should start in November 1913). I haven’t played the game myself – I’m a bit outside the 6-11 year-old age range – but in terms of advertising, I was surprised by the amount of storytelling and suspense in the trailer. The graphic aren’t exactly going to challenge the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but this actually looks like a game rather than a textbook pretending to be a game. Credits after the jump.


Agency: Cossette

Client: The Royal Canadian Mint: Patrick Hadsipantelis, Paul Boult, Susan Aubry, Sophie Capéraà, Jim Kohan

Account Leader: Rachelle Claveau

Account Services: Éve-Marie Boutet, Olivier Charbonneau

Chief Creative Director: Antoine Bécotte

Creative Directors: Louis-Hugo Marchand, Cameron Wilson

Digital Art Director: Sébastien Guy

Ergonimics: François Lavigne

Art Directors: Alexandre Jutras, Étienne Turcotte, Capucine Labarthe

Copywriting: Thimalay Sukhaseum, David Purkis, Geneviève Cardinal

Strategy: Louis Vaillancourt

Digital production: Luc Normandin, Luc Mercier, Rébecca Rouleau

Electronic Production: Maryse Beauregard

Media: Laura Araujo, Adriana Novae, Kristi Cater

Production Houses: Jam3, Rodeo FC, la Majeure