Correction: Super Spy Exits Stage Left

By SuperSpy 

Ah. Some people can’t keep their mouths shut and while I love them dearly, I’m also going to have to shoot them dirty, scathing looks from across the blogosphere, while I set the record straight a little earlier than I would have liked.

Here’s the deal: I’m burnt like Britney. I love this damn blog, but my eyes hurt, fingers are now small nubs of flesh and this year of manic blogging has taken its toll. I need a break – a long one. Plus, I have a real job and I’ve gotten a bit of a promotion and now, time is an issue. So, I’m outta here beginning June 1st. Can’t tell you how long and trust, I love this blog and I love you guys and (gasp!)…


So, stay tuned to this here page for updates on how you (yes you!) can be the next spy. Plus! I’ve got a parting gift up my sleeve. I think you’re going to like it.

x Super Spy