Copywriter Has Some Industry Quotes to Share

By Erik Oster Comment

i do a blog

Copywriter Antonio Fragoso started a blog documenting all the ridiculous things that people who work in advertising say, and someone has been tipping us off about it today.

It’s called I Do A Blog, and you can probably relate. 

Among the highlights:

  • “Let’s make it blue… no wait, let’s make it red, or yellow, or that green from the wall we saw at that burger place we went once.” -a confused copywriter
  • “Can we make a viral video instead?” -Immortal words from a client (we’re guessing some of you have heard this one before).
  • “I want love with a side of penis.” -female creative director
  • “Don’t make those changes. They’re bulls@$%&. I’m gonna fix this…” -“Immortal words from a heroic Creative Director defending his team from last minute changes.”
  • “The artist formerly known as Prince was formerly alive.” -an asshole copywriter

The blog doesn’t deal exclusively in such quotes, though.

There are also posts about a spec spot Fragoso likes, the feeling you get when someone else has used your idea (“Motherf#$@&%*… that was my idea!””) and late nights spent at the office without the excitement of sex tapes, etc.

We contacted Fragoso for comment but haven’t heard back yet, which is probably because he has actual work to do.

He also happens to be both “professional mosquito killer” and an “amateur Batman,” in case you’re in the market for either of those.