BBDO N.Y. and Mountain Dew Invite All Animals to Join the Twerking Train

By Patrick Coffee 

You may have heard that #PuppyMonkeyBaby did pretty well for Mountain Dew in last year’s Super Bowl. As evidence, a couple of Canadian morning show hosts felt like doing this today, and the clip is somehow better sans context.

Of course some people have to ask The One Question.

With no sales numbers on hand, one can say that public opinion was split down the middle, which is maybe a good thing…? We don’t specialize in market research. The point is that PepsiCo and BBDO New York chose to build on their past success by sticking with the weird animals twerking theme.

The follow-up to that Big Game spot shows us that many beasts beyond the puppy mashup can enjoy the caffeine buzz that (allegedly) comes from drinking a Mountain Dew Kickstart thanks to the old food chain.

It all starts with one fat dude.

Were those guys in a band? If not, what were they doing hanging out in that dingy garage? Also, this is why we do not have a cat, because dogs can’t jump up on your kitchen table to steal your fish dinner.

Time to flip it and reverse it.

So far the #FreakChain meme hasn’t quite gotten off the ground, though it did lead us to whatever the hell this is.

If there’s one ironclad rule of advertising, it’s “stick with what works,” right?

Now what does this stuff taste like? We are genuinely curious, but we imagine it to be like a combination of Kool Aid and battery acid.