Copy of a Copy: Nationwide, Vitamin Water Reuse “Most Interesting Man” Motif

By Matt Van Hoven 

After the jump are two campaigns that copy Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” work. One from Steve Nash’s production company Meathawk a yet-unknown shop pegs the Phoenix Suns Steve Nash star as the “Most Ridiculous Man in the World” and copies the theme top to bottom (Update: Zambezi made the Nash ads). The second is from Nationwide, and when it was posted on AdWeek riled up the commenters (apparently, this isn’t the only place with vitriolic comments?). “World’s Greats Spokesperson” from Durham, N.C.’s McKinney, is another step away, but relies on the same “this guy is the best at…” theme.

Two questions: do you care and if so which is the greater offender. Consider, Nash’s is parody &#151 but almost a direct copy. Nationwide’s doesn’t borrow as much but aims for the same goal (or, a similar one, anyway).


For good measure, here’s French Connection’s “Portrait of a Man”, which Kiran would argue is like the Most Interesting Man in his youth.

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