Coolfire Wants to Clear the Air About Latest ‘Hire’

By Kiran Aditham 

You may or may not recall that a couple of months ago, we reported that, after 11 years, Momentum parted ways with St. Louis ECD Jeff Stevens, who has now found a new gig…sort of. Stevens (pictured) has signed a development deal to produce original content for fellow St. Louis operation Coolfire Originals, which focuses on entertainment programming and is a sibling of Coolfire Media. Apparently though, Coolfire Media president David Johnson, in order to keep relations between his company and agency clients tight, wants to clarify what is exactly happening with Stevens’s signing.

He tells us, Stevens “…will not be an employee of Coolfire Originals or Coolfire Media.  It is strictly a development deal to create show ideas for cable networks and online.” Johnson adds that Originals and Media are two separate entities, saying, “We are not, nor do we have any intention of becoming an agency.  Coolfire Media is a production company that partners with agencies to create and produce television commercials, brand films, online and meeting content, radio, and original music.  Coolfire Originals is developing television shows for major cable networks.”

Well, we’re not sure this is the ringing endorsement Stevens, nor anyone, would hope for, so Johnson has deferred to Coolfire Originals CEO/president Jeff Keane, who at least says of the new addition, “”Coolfire Originals is always looking to bring on great talent. [Stevens] has a proven track record of developing interesting and engaging content across every medium, we’re excited to partner with him.”


This should be a fun first day. Along with his new, um, gig, Stevens has also started a new business consultancy called Icarus alongside fellow Momentum alum Deborah Nobis.

Update: Sorry, that is the real Jeff Stevens above.