Commerce House Debuts SodaStream Repositioning

By Erik Oster 

Dallas agency Commerce House debuted its first work for SodaStream since being selected to handle brand repositioning for the client.

The new “Factory of One” campaign debuts with a 30-second spot focusing on the SodaStream as a sparkling water dispenser that allows for consumer autonomy rather than its original positioning as make-it-at-home soda. Entitled “Sparkling water made by you!,” the spot opens with the line, “Some believe refreshment can be mass produced by tired formulas kept in vaults and they decide what you get” taking aim at the soda industry. SodaStream, of course, is presented as the alternative (complete with actors way too excited about carbonating water), allowing consumers to make their own creations, with as much or as little sugar added to their concoctions as they want.

“You’re taking control of your quality of life when you make it yourself with SodaStream,” explained Commerce House CEO Mark Denesuk. “Autonomy is a powerful message at a time when do-it-yourself is once again becoming a matter of pride.”

The campaign arrives at an important moment for the brand, with Coca-Cola teaming up with Keurig to release a countertop soda machine, Kold, in the fall, and in conjunction with the release of a sophisticated flavor line from a two-star Michelin chef. Following a 23 percent revenue drop in the first quarter, the company is spending 70 percent of its approximately $30 million marketing budget in the second half, SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum told The Wall Street Journal. With big competition on the horizon, SodaStream hopes the new positioning can differentiate the brand before Kold hits the market and help revive lagging sales.



Agency: Commerce House/Dallas
Creative: Vincent LoPresti, Ann Pearson, Leigh Sander
Account Management: Irving Chung

U.S. Post Production: Post Op/Dallas
Production Supervisor: Gannon Kennedy
Editor: Adam Henderson

Israel Post Production: 10 Fingers Design and Animation/Tel Aviv
Production Supervisor: Eddie Gavriely
Editor: Eyar Uziel

Music Company: Breed/Dallas
Executive Producer: Jon Slott
Creative Director: Brian Flores