Comment of the Day (Well, Yesterday)

By Kiran Aditham 

While President Obama’s beer summit was supposed to ease racial tensions, those impish interns at Crispin have unwittingly stirred them up again with their musical ode to agency oppression, which caused commenter screwthiscrap to call CP+B out on their lack of diversity:

“Didn’t see one black intern in the entire spot. Just a bunch of white kids trying to rap and make fun of themselves.


Why do so many white boys love bumping that ignorant-ass-isht? It seems like they’re trying to live out some pseudo-fantasy that extends past a desire to be gangsta but also a desire to be black — without actually being black and dealing with the baggage.

Screw this Crispin. Not funny at all. Making fun of black people or your lack of diversity within the agency isn’t funny at all.–just plain sad. Just off the record how many blacks do u have over at crispin? 1or 2 right. Their probably the janitors right? Because if they saw this you guys would get stomped the hell out for this mockery.”

Suffice to say, our friend a sparked a little debate that goes to show no matter how milquetoast, derivative or silly the vid may be, Crispin for whatever reason still finds a way to court controversy.

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