Coke Congratulates Alabama Coach and Former Employee, Nick Saban

By Bob Marshall 

While the rest of the country is celebrating Alabama’s blowout victory over Notre Dame in last night’s BCS National Championship by telling ‘Bama QB A.J. McCarron how super hot his girlfriend is, Coke Zero and Atlanta-based agency MELT are choosing instead to honor former employee and current Alabama head coach, Nick Saban.

Apparently, Saban drove a Coca-Cola truck to make a few extra bucks in the 70’s as he began embarking on what would become a historic coaching career. Now, this little tribute may piss off a few University of Georgia fans, who (understandably) could feel slighted as one of the biggest companies headquartered in their state would endorse an SEC rival and the team that kept them from a national title of their own. However, according to the announce, the spot will only be running in Alabama, thus making the use of “our” in the ad somewhat kosher.


In any case, Alabama has won three national championships in the past four years, Saban may go down as one of the best to ever coach the game, and Coca-Cola makes dreams come true or something like that. Congrats to Alabama, on beating a team that most of us hate only slightly more than the Crimson Tide.