Codename Pink, Er, Tribe; Whatever, This is About Microsoft’s New Search Tool and Campaign

By Matt Van Hoven 

Microsoft’s search business is up for grabs and as it is with that group, everything is hush hush. So shut up, spies, don’t you know you’re not supposed to tell me things like:

&#151 Microsoft has registered the name “Bing” but that’s more than likely just a diversion. Other possible names for their search tool include Snap and Kiev.


&#151 Contrary to what many have said this is not a rebranding of MSN but an entirely new platform specifically geared for the mobile world.

&#151 JWT is balls deep in the pitch, which is said to be worth upwards of $100 million. It includes traditional and new executions for just about every medium.

&#151 Lately JWT has been getting more and more Microsoft work indicating &#151 a departure from McCann? Probably not since Microsoft is all about the multi-partner approach. But c’mon, CPB doesn’t have the global capabilities Microsoft needs to get all this work done.

&#151 One more JWT tidbit; the pitch room is locked off and the windows are covered in paper. Who wants to sneak in and snag some pics for us? Web infamy for whoever does! E-mail agencyspy @ mediabistro dot com.

&#151 McCann is also in the pitch and, presumably, CPB is as well. However, representatives from those agencies didn’t get back to us.

Um, Microsoft has used “codename pink” before, I think for the Zune Mobile project.

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