Claire Danes’ So-Called Life, Career Get Destroyed When She Doesn’t Drive an Audi

By Bob Marshall 

Current Homeland star (formerly known as Angela Chase from My So-Called Life, which we’ll get to in a minute) Claire Danes stars in this new short film for Audi by agency Mediacom. Wait, hold up, let’s be real. It’s an ad, not a short film. It’s an ad for Audi’s gas mileage capabilities. This goes way beyond simple product integration. It’s just a long ad, okay? Stop pretending it’s anything else.

Anyway, Claire Danes stars in a nearly four-minute long ad for Audi that shows the Emmy-winning actress show up late to this year’s ceremony when she goes to jail for some reason. Why does she go to jail? I don’t know, I’ve watched this multiple times and can’t seem to find a crime that she’s committed. Cops, I guess, right guys?


Claire Bears (the nickname for Claire Danes fans that I just made up now) will enjoy this long ad for the reference that comes at the end. “I dated that girl in high school” says a patron at the bar in reference to hearing Claire Danes’ name mentioned on the television. “Jordan?” asks Danes. You see, her character dated Jared Leto‘s character Jordan Catalano on My So Called Life. That is why this is funny. That’s why we’re here today, everyone, watching a four-minute Audi ad. Hey, remember when Jim Beam made ads starring Willem Dafoe? I liked those. The Emmys happen on Sunday. There’s some football on tonight.