Circus Maximus and Kumail Nanjiani Explain What Is All About

By Patrick Coffee 

If you follow retail news at all, then you’re probably heard something about, the company that promises to take on Amazon and, presumably, win.

The business that wants to become your one stop for online shopping is important enough to get a New Yorker writeup, and it’s bold enough to be all transparent about its employees’ salaries (something that will almost certainly never happen in the agency world).

But what is this company, exactly?

New York indie shop Circus Maximus worked with Kumail Nanjani, best known for his role as “The Indian Guy” on Silicon Valley, to help idiots like ourselves figure it out. Here’s the ad, which went live on Monday:

So it’s like Kayak, but for shopping. That film was very comprehensive even if we were slightly overwhelmed by all the information.

We’re still not quite sure what to make of Jet, but if Alibaba’s on board then there must be something to it.

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