Chili’s Thinks Adults Deserve Chicken Crispers More Than Kids

By Kyle O'Brien 

Plenty of adults would order off the kids menu if it was socially acceptable. Who doesn’t like a good chicken nugget once in a while?

Chili’s knows that some adult favorite foods are those they loved when they were a kid, and as hard-working adults, they deserve a comforting meal, maybe more than kids.

Chili’s has launched a new campaign called “You Deserve Them More Than Kids Do,” which gives adults permission to enjoy a nostalgic comfort food as a reward for doing the everyday work that comes with simply being an adult.


With help from Mischief @ No Fixed Address, Chili’s is introducing a new campaign for its Chicken Crispers, which are their version of chicken tenders or fingers. And these aren’t just for kids. So the new campaign shows in a dryly humorous way how adults deserve Chili’s Chicken Crispers. Through a series of interviews with kids, the campaign highlights all of the tasks kids just don’t have to deal with, from worrying about credit scores to going on bachelorette parties in Nashville.

In each spot, a woman is seen at a table asking very adult questions to kids. In “Credit Score,” she asks “Do you worry about your credit score?” and “Have you ever not been able to fall asleep because you’re worried you’re not going to get enough sleep?”

In “Asset Liquidity,” more adult questions are asked to kids who don’t quite know why they have to answer the questions, like “Have you ever had to spend six hours at the Denver airport?” and “How’s your asset liquidity?”

“Nashville and “Pigeons” pose similarly hilarious questions and responses.

Each spot ends with the tag “Chicken Crispers. You deserve more than kids do.”

“With our Chicken Crisper Combos, we took all the favorite bites a parent sneaks from their kids’ meal and turned them into an adult-sized meal. We’re telling adults they don’t just deserve Chicken Crispers, but they deserve them even more than kids do,” said Jesse Johnson, vp of marketing at Chili’s in a statement. 

The Crispers are available in three varieties: original, Nashville hot and honey chipotle.

“We found ourselves kind of annoyed that kids get all of the good things when they don’t have to deal with any of the bad things,” said Dana Buckhorn, associate creative director at Mischief, who helped create the campaign with fellow acd Tanner Thompson. “Kids don’t have pushy mothers-in-law. They’ve never spent an hour reading reviews of compression socks. They don’t unfailingly receive artisan bars of soap for their birthday. And yet they get to order the Chicken Crispers while we’re expected to order a pile of wet leaves.”