Chicago Copywriter Lives Exclusively on Official Olympic Sponsor Products

By Bob Marshall 

Meet Terin Izil, a copywriter at DraftFCB’s Chicago office and a co-founder of Camp Promise, an organization that allows children suffering from muscular dystrophy to go to summer camp.

In order to raise money for her cause and, let’s face it, hopefully get some free shit, Izil says, “Until the Closing Ceremonies, I am eating, drinking, wearing, and maintaining personal hygiene only with products that have the Olympic rings on them.” She calls this challenge the “5 Ring Diet” and, lucky for her, there are a myriad of brands who have forked over a ton of cash to be able to display the Olympic logo. She’s chronicling her experiences drinking Heineken®, flying United® and eating McDonald’s® at a Tumblr where she encourages visitors to help her raise $25,000 for Camp Promise.


While Izil is forced to purchase bottles of Coca-Cola® and Nutri-Grain Bars® from her own pocket in her travels to London, she is getting some help along the way from those “we will ALWAYS go the extra mile on social media because GOOD PR” scamps at Chobani®, who sent her a care package of Olympics apparel which is, unsurprisingly, also stamped with Chobani®’s logo. While Terin graciously accepts the gifts, she also mentions that Chobani could always click the button at the right of the page to donate to Camp Promise. Oh, and you can donate too with this link right here.

Terin mentions at the end of her Chobani® post, “And I realize that sounds corny. But try giving up every product and comfort you use for 24 days—or even 7—and see if the handful of brands you’re allowed to use don’t start to feel like friends.” Sounds terrifying, but perhaps its a strategy you can borrow to endear you to a client that’s soured on you.