Blacklist’s Tendril Showcases Nike Cleats with Diamonds, Detail

By Ella Riley-Adams 

While we’re on the Nike tip today, one of the coolest things about playing soccer is getting to own badass-looking shoes. Of course, if you lace up lime-green cleats and can’t manage to kick the ball, you look like a fool. But boots that transform feet into lightning bolts, slithering cobras or dark shadows of defensive doom can boost anyone with average soccer skills.

Blacklist’s Tendril certainly plays to the excitement of owning high-tech, cool- looking cleats. In their spot for Nike’s new CTR 360 midfielder cleat, they emphasize the shoe’s detailed design and power. Amidst exploding shards of glass, crystal droplets and suspenseful car-chase music, the CTR 360 emerges as a dynamic centerpiece. Though it’s taken out of the traditional soccer setting (we see no field, no players), this spot inspires thoughts of precise dribbling, rain-soaked slide tackling and carefully placed corner kicks.


Credits after the jump.

Client: Nike
Client Producer: Els Tau
Client Art Director: Kevin Coatman
Client CD: Eric Duvauchelle
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Producer: Nathan Jew, Erik Gullstrand
Director: Tendril
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Anne Deslauriers
Music & Sound Design: John Black of CypherAudio
Editor: Steve Manz
Designers: Chris Bahry, Renato Ferro, Luis Guillherme, Vini Nascimento, Alexandre Torres
Textures, Lighting & Render: Brad Husband
Assistant Lighting & Render: Kosta Lavrinuk
Modeling: NoEmotion, Renato Ferro, Vini Nascimento
Lead Animation: Vini Nascimento
3D Animation: Renato Ferro, Vini Nascimento, Ben Pilgrim
2D Animation: Leo Mateus, Andrew Vucko
Compositors: Chris Bahry, Brad Husband, Daniel Luna