Chicago Agencies Won’t Work With The Chicago Portfolio School

By Kaitlin Madden 

I recently got in touch with Maria Scileppi, the Associate Director of the Chicago Portfolio School, to find out a little more about the school’s Royale Rumble; a quarterly ad competition set to begin again in just a few weeks. Scileppi was eagerly dishing about the generous agencies the school has teamed with for R.R., including uber-innovative shops like Wexley School for Girls, Hungry Fish Media and Anomaly, when I innocently asked her “Which Chicago agencies have you worked with?” Her response: “None.”

Say What?


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Alas, it is true-a Chicago ad agency has yet to back the Chicago Portfolio School’s “real-life” ad contest, in which about 25 teams of three CPS students create actual work for the partnering agency.

So why the hesitation, Chicago?

The only cost to the supporting firm is the $2500 grand prize, awarded to the winning team. The fee-which could barely pay for a decent freelancer-gets the partner agency dozens of new perspectives on one of its clients, as well as the chance to discover new talent. Anomaly liked the work of winner Tucker Loosbrock (who created the above beat-boxing doll video for Anomaly client Converse) so much, they hired him.

So, in the name of community support, and maybe the chance to infuse some life into Chi-town creative, Chicago best get ready to Rumble.

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