Bicoastal Firms Making Inroads into Potential Pabst Purchase

By Kiran Aditham 

A few months back, we reported on Forza Migliozzi and The Ad Store’s crowdsourced bid to purchase Pabst Brewing Company, home to hipster-approved bevvy PBR.

At the time, the parties involved scrounged up nearly $15 million, a paltry sum considering that the Pabst folks placed a $300 million price tag on the brand. Now, the folks at Hollywood-based Forza are telling us that they’ve not only closed in on the $200 million mark and are “probably in range to make a move”, but that they’re in talks with investment bankers to get a good looksee at Pabst’s books.


Interestingly enough, while the parties involved wouldn’t name who they’re talking to, we hear that some financial industry analysts believe that $300 million is at least 1/3 overpriced, based on their anecdotal assessment. We’re sure this story will unfold more as time goes on.

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