Celebs Scale the Heights for HP, Clean Water

By Kiran Aditham 

Goodby’s unveiled the next phase of its ongoing HP campaign, this time pitting its celeb spokespeople against the elements by having them scale Mt. Kilimanjaro to bring awareness of the global clean water crisis.

Starting January 7, folks like actress Jessica Biel, music acts Kenna and Lupe Fiasco as well as Jacque Cousteau’s granddaughter Alexandra will leave the comforts of a soundstage, green screen, etc. to scale the 19,340 ft. free-standing wonder and let fans basically track their ascent via the campaign’s online hub.


The climbers will of course be equipped with HP notebooks (and hopefully a sherpa or two) and will blog, Tweet and post photos which are altitude tagged so you know exactly where they’re posting from. The website is already live and is literally 16,709,709 pixels high to match Kilimanjaro. Since there’s 49 days left until the climb, you can occupy yourself by exploring a virtual Kilimanjaro, reading bios of the climbers and about the cause, sending water, sponsoring a foot of the climb and watching web films (here and here) starring some of the participants.

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