Today on the Menu: Scary Movie Writer Lady Talks Horror, Infrustructur(ist)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Not only is America’s infrastructure in ruins, but we’re also in the midst of a horror film pandemic! Who better to discuss this volatile juxtaposition than Melissa Lafsky, horror-movie-lover-and-reviewer slash (heh) Editor in Chief of Infrastructurist, America’s first news source dedicated to America’s infrastructure.

At the Awl, Lafsky famously pens reviews of films like “The Fourth Kind” &#151 a Milla Jovovich alien-abduction flick that plays on the mysterious state of Alaska (Paliens!). Read her kick-ass write-up, here.


Infrastructurist is not a word, but it is a Web site where things like “why America sorta sucks at bridges, trains, et al” are discussed. Sound boring? It probably could be, if not penned by the likes of Lafsky. Let’s be honest &#151 anyone who can tie Malcolm Gladwell into a horror film review is best suited for making other, less obviously worthwhile subjects, worth reading. Anyone living or who has lived in New York (America’s only city that could ban cars and do just fine) knows what we’re talking about.

Also, without counting, how many times did I write “America” in this post?

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