CE Layoffs that Weren’t

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’re told that Campbell Ewald may deliver the aforementioned layoffs this week instead of last, because they only perform such atrocities at the end of a pay period. And though it isn’t our intention to scare people, we wouldn’t feel right about it if they did happen, and we had kept the information to ourselves.

As it is, we’re told that the agency is losing people left and right. With the first round of layoffs from a few weeks ago, addies are jumping ship before they can get let go. As such, the Alltel account, which just started to recover following Jeff Scott’s departure could once again be in jeopardy.


And with only Chevy being handled properly, insecurity about the agency’s future is rampant. This isn’t to say the shop could shut down, rather it would have to have a smoke and possibly a glass of scotch before making anymore decisions. Chill out people, the shit still has some time before it hits the fan…or the fountain.