Carrot Creative, Farmigo Bring Organic Inside the Office

By Jordan Teicher 

The typical office lunch break can lead to a vicious cycle of McDonald’s, obesity, and an expensive personal trainer whose ripped arms deplete your self-esteem by the second. Unless you work next to a farmer’s market (Panera doesn’t count), there aren’t many alternatives for a midday meal that doesn’t destroy productivity. Organic may be cool, but it certainly isn’t convenient.

Brooklyn-based Carrot Creative seems to have found a way to bring healthy foods into the office. A new company perk lets employees use Farmigo, an online marketplace for organic foods where users can place orders for fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, etc. The best part: Farmigo provides free delivery for the orders within 48 hours. In other words, Domino’s can shove it.


At Carrot, employees get $10 discounts off their orders, but more importantly, the company helps promote local businesses and promotes a fresh start-up with a socially conscious game plan. Check out the video above where Carrot workers dish on ways Farmigo has increased efficiency inside the office, i.e. ordering lettuce and veggies and whipping up a quick salad for lunch instead of ordering fast food.

Carrot co-founder/chief product officer Chris Petescia sheds some light on how this collaboration came about, telling us, “Farmigo was a natural fit for us at Carrot Creative because of its alignment with two of our interests: tech and company culture.  We wanted to support them because they are a great example of a tech start-up filling a practical need: making community supported agriculture more accessible and efficient.  That said, we’re always looking for ways to improve the lifestyle of our employees and offer benefits that impact company culture.  While our internal baking committee keeps everyone happy, Farmigo is a nice healthy offset that keeps everyone fueled with fresh, local foods, which we’re happy to help subsidize for our employees.”

You know what they say, a Farmigo a day keeps the doctor away…or something like that.