Another Year, Another Xmas Price Index from Deutsch NY, PNC

By Kiran Aditham 

Ah yes, boys and girls, nothing rings in the holidays quite like PNC’s Christmas Price Index, which has become an annual tradition like repeat airings of It’s a Wonderful Life, but is actually aimed at making economics somehow digestible for both kids and adults. I don’t know about you, but just watching Trading Places in our high-school economics class did the trick.

Anyhow, this marks the third CPI that Deutsch New York has created for PNC and in case you didn’t know what it actually is, it’s a 29-year-old annual tradition that shows the current cost of one set of each of the gifts given in the holiday tune, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” According to the campaign site, yes, the Christmas price tag has once again gone up as PNC’s CPI has risen four percent from last year to $25,431.18 (in fact, the last shift downward was in 2002).

In this year’s installment, the parties involved (along with B-Reel) have created an interactive gaming experience where visitors can find missing gifts across 12 locations from NYC to Paris to even Shirakawa-go, Japan using Google Streetview. Don’t worry, “Twelve Days” purists, characters from the Xmas carol are all included in the mix. Now, off on your animated, street-viewing, globe-trotting adventure you go. Select stills and credits after the jump.

Deutsch New York:
Partner/CCO: Greg DiNoto
SVP/GCD: Jeremy Bernstein
VP/Creative Director: Qian Qian
Copywriter: Matt Moyer
Copywriter: Erin McHugh
Art Director: RG Lacandola
SVP/Director of Digital Production: Suzanne Molinaro
VP/Executive Digital Producer: Jennifer Usdan McBride
Digital Producer: Jillian Cornette

Production Company:
Animation Company:
Music/Licensed Music Tracks:
Sound Design Company: