Canines Replace Human Recruiters at Cleveland Shop

By Michael Musco 

Oh boy, it appears that Cleveland ad shop Marcus Thomas has lost its mind by enlisting canine recruiters in its efforts to staff up. Really?

Human resources vp Lori Hedrick notes, “Traditional advertising, and even traditional social media advertising, has not attracted the number nor the level of online-savvy applicants it seeks. So the agency has created what it believes is advertising’s first canine recruitment video.”

We’re not even going to break down the video above. You have to see it with your own eyes to appreciate the ridiculousness. If this piece wasn’t enough, you can expect future canine recruitment videos, each starring a new doggy recruiter with the goal of filling 15 job openings such as AD, CW, designer, AE, media planner, community manager, information architect, researcher, audience insight and administrative positions etc.

For 18 years, dogs have been running rampant at MT, with at least a half-dozen on premises daily attending meetings, taking breaks, making on the floor, licking their privates etc. We know sex, babies and puppies sell but c’mon. Besides, Miami Ad School has been doing the doggy bit for years.