Can Carl’s Jr’s Grilled Cheese Soothe Morning After Woes?

By Kiran Aditham 

That is, in a sense, the question that the fast-food chain hopes to answer with its new Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich, a $3 bite that launched today with the aid of this spot, dubbed “House Party.” (Sadly, neither Kid nor Play were involved.)

While somewhat reminiscent of last year’s “Smart Money” McDonald’s ad, what with seemingly hungover house guests being brought back to life by the aromas of a breakfast burger, 72andSunny’s latest (non-Super Bowl) effort does reemphasize the message behind this fast-feeder’s calorie-heavy cure-all.


“Mornings can be full of rude awakenings so we wanted to offer a new menu item that made the daybreak a little easier on people,” says Carl’s Jr. and Hardees CMO Brad Haley in a statement. “Grilled cheese sandwiches have always been one of America’s favorite comfort foods, and now, with the addition of eggs and the choice of your favorite breakfast meat – sausage, bacon or ham – all served on grilled sourdough bread, it’s the perfect way to jump-start any type of morning you’re having.”

The “House Party” spot, directed by Oscar winner Joachim Back, may not blaze any news trails as it sticks to 72andSunny and Carl’s Jr./Hardees sexy model-centric formula (this time with Olivia Frischer), but its timing and tone couldn’t be more appropriate as Super Bowl Sunday looms.

And yes, parent company CKE has you covered there as well.

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