Busey, Vitamin Water Start NFL 2010 With A Bang

By Michael Musco 

This latest gem for Vitamin Water by Zambezi starring crazo Gary Busey,Adrian Peterson and Shaq is quite humorous to say the least. The timing of this spot is perfect with football season being right around the corner which has the millions of fantasy football junkies foaming from the mouth to start their drafts.

Anything that stars Gary Busey will draw attention. You know something crazy is about to go down. Let’s not forget who they’re targeting here. They’re speaking to football fans. The strategy to build the spot around fantasy football is very clever for the simple reason that the demographic spans literally millions of people. Now toss in Adrian Peterson and Shaquille O’neal and you’ve got yourself the icing with the cherry on top. This is for football so why is Shaq in it you might say. Why the hell not? It is a “sports beverage” after all.


It’s something different than just showing athletes using the drink and sweating green, yellow or orange and in my opinion I see this paying off quite well with sequels to follow (hopefully still starring Busey).

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