Bullsh*t Baffles Brains: An AIG Ad Resurrected

By Matt Van Hoven 

Oh boy look what we have here &#151 a pre-meltdown advert from AIG. A dad and his daughter are in a park and the dad asks the kid, “whatcha thinkin’ about?” and the girl goes, “butterflies” and the dad says, “me too”. Then the kid goes on to remind pops that he should be thinking about his small business and employees and insurance and I heard the word annuity in there.

But the dad’s all like, “I have AIG, so I’m not thinking about that because they allow me to keep my head comfortable up my ass where I can gaze at butterflies.” Little did the papa know &#151 AIG was one field over smoking a fatty and staring at butterflies too while the company slowly sank into a pit of toxic goo. We’re not bitter.

Apparently AIG has gone to some length to remove all of their promotional materials from the inter Webs. So, kudos to the folks at The Mep Report who dug this up. There’s a bunch more on their YouTube page, if you care to look.

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