Jason Calacanis On The Future Of Advertising

By SuperSpy 

Internet mover and shaker, Jason Calacanis, had a lot to say about the future of advertising at this year’s OMMA event:

On social networking: “People don’t want marketing messages in social networks or when they are having a dinner party,” Calacanis said. “Social media is fantastic at collecting data, behavioral stuff, you can use at some other point, but it’s greatly overstated.”

On search advertising: It’s the “-greatest advertising vehicle created in the history of mankind, in my opinion. It’s just getting started. And it’s only going to get better.”

On major media outlets: “They deserve to go away. Goodbye. Good riddance,” Calacanis said, adding, “We’re going to win. Newspapers, radio and television. You’re all going to lose.”

He’s got some good points, but oh let us decry television once again. Proclaim it’s death. Yeah, it ain’t going to happen any time soon, okay?

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