BSSP Unwraps Nature Made Adult Gummy Vitamins

By Erik Oster 

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners launched a new campaign for Nature Made Adult Gummy Vitamins, focusing on how the range of adult gummy vitamins is the first to receive verification from the USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program. 

In a 30-second broadcast spot, a spa-enthusiast admits she has no idea what it is in the seaweed wrap her body is encased in. (We’re guessing, uh, seaweed.) But she does know what’s in her Nature Made Adult Gummy Vitamins, thanks to the aforementioned USP seal.

While the spot makes the USP-backing as selling-point quit clear, the setup of the spot is a little strange. On the one hand, it presents the product as a well-researched USP-approved supplement, while pointing to the seaweed wrap as a pseudoscience counterpoint. We just can’t help but wonder if there was perhaps a better counterexample than the seaweed wrap, which, regardless of efficacy, is at least pretty self-explanatory. You know what you’re in for, even if the benefits are unclear.

The point probably would have been better made with a counterexample that left viewers wondering what exactly the protagonist was getting into (perhaps some ridiculous homeopathy concoction), but at least BSSP gets to the point fairly quickly.