Deutsch Hosts a Cheap, Artsy Feast for Taco Bell’s Dollar Menu

By Erik Oster 

Deutsch launched a strange new ad for Taco Bell called “Feast,” promoting the chain’s $1 All Day offerings.

The 30-second spot centers around a collection of people indulging in a Taco Bell feast. For some reason, the individuals all seem to be decked out in Victorian garb, or rather a mix of Vicotrian dress and modern day clothing. One woman is even rocking what appears to be some sort of fork hat/crown. Over this odd scene the voiceover lists some of the value menu offerings, such as the bacon-grilled breakfast burrito and shredded chicken mini quesadilla.

The emphasis on the value menu makes sense at a time when that seems to be helping drive sales for fast food chains. We’re not sure what the Victorian garb and fork-centric head attire is about, but the approach does allow Deutsch to schowcase a full spread of the value menu offerings.

The weirdness, we suppose, could also help the chain stand out. And Taco Bell is all about that.