Brooklyn-Based Delicious Contents Will Make Your Food Commercials for $75,000

By Erik Oster 

Brooklyn-based food gurus Todd Coleman and Jonathan Cohen have launched a creative content production studio dedicated to creating ads for food brands, Delicious Contents.

The pair promises five days of prep, one or two days of shooting and all post-production services on a nosh-related spot for $75,000. In order to prove that point, their new video directs viewers to

Coleman is a former executive food editor at Saveur and also worked as a creative director at Tasting Table. He is perhaps best known, though, as The Garlic Guy, producing one of the first food videos to go viral. Here he is explaining how to peel a head of the stuff in 10 seconds.

Cohen has a more traditional advertising background. Most recently, he spent over two years as senior vice president, global account management (integrated) for Grey New York, following around a year and a half as senior vice president, director of digital operations for FCB. Before that he worked at Grey’s G2, first as vice president, director of project management and then as vice president, account director, followed by eleven months as creative operations director at BBH New York. Earlier agency gigs included production roles at Ogilvy, Tribal DDB and FCBi.


“Food needs to look appealing,” Coleman said in a statement. “That may seem obvious, but brands and partners have been missing that. We feel there has to be a way to deliver the commercials they desperately need at the price they desperately want to pay.”

Coleman and Cohen decided to avoid protracted negotiations by offering all production and post-production services as a package deal.

“Our number just happens to be one-third of what it generally costs to hire an established tabletop director,” Cohen said. “And our spot will be as good…or better.” How can they prove that ROI? You’ll just have to trust them.

“We’re playing off industry norms and standards, and being disruptive,” Cohen added. “Some people will laugh, others will think ‘They’re killing us!’ and others will think, ‘We want to give those guys a try.'”

Cohen and Coleman are betting that a sufficient number of parties will check the latter box.