BPN Tells Fish Tale for Oregon Lottery

By Erik Oster 

Portland-based full-service agency Borders Perrin Norrander (BPN) launched a new spot for the Oregon Lottery, entitled “Sustainable Economy.”

The ad takes a different approach for the category, eschewing the usual focus on the enticements of personal wealth for the effect the lottery has on the state’s economy. It does this by comparing the lottery to “the one that got away,” wondering what would happen if it didn’t and if that fish had a positive ripple effect on Oregon’s economy. It shows its positive impact through local business Fishpeople Seafood, which receives lottery funding, and the ripple effect that business has on the state of Oregon. While the metaphor is a bit of a stretch, the spot is well-shot and a lot more interesting than typical fare in the category — even if the claims of the positive effects of the lottery don’t stand up to scrutiny so well.


Agency: BPN
ECD: Mark Waggoner
CEO: Lori Gaffney
CW: Jim Carey
AD: Bill Karow
Director: Phillip Van
Producer: Gina Belivacqua
Editor: Kyle Stebbins