Boost Looks at the Life of a Giant to Promote ‘Shrinkage’

By Inocul8tor 

Check out this new Boost Mobile spot from 180LA, which features a a 20-foot tall giant who’s having a rough go at life and touts the mobile brand’s “Shrinkage” plan. In my world, shrinkage is never a good thing. And with the amount that it’s said in this spot, the point of it is completely lost on me.  How come they’ve gotta say it over and over again sooo many times? Welcome to the world of see, say, kids.

In a statement, Ari Weiss, CD at 180LA, had this to say about the clip (which was directed by MJZ’s Dante Ariola): “Giants have always been glamorized in the public eye, but the truth is being that large comes with obvious setbacks. Giants seemed to be the perfect spokespeople for a campaign featuring the upside of shrinking.”


Umm ya. It’s a whatever spot. Wouldn’t watch it again, wouldn’t necessarily talk about it again. But hey, some of you might actually have some shit to talk about it, so why not, right? Knock yourselves out. Happy November. Credits after the jump.

Executive Creative Director:  William Gelner
Creative Directors: Ari Weiss & Gavin Lester
Art Director: Adam Groves
Copywriter: Zac Ryder
Head of Production/Managing Partner:  Peter Cline
Senior Producer: Colleen Wellman
Group Account Director:  Chad Bettor
Account Director:  Jerico Cabaysa
Planner:  Matt Johnson

Production Co.:  MJZ
Director:   Dante Ariola
DP:  Toby Irwin
President: David Zander
SR Executive Producer: Jeff Scruton
Line Producer:  Natalie Hill
Production Designer: Christopher Glass
Stylist:  Irene Bilo

Editorial Company:  Rock Paper Scissors
Editor:  Adam Pertofsky
Executive Producer:  Cassie Hulen
Assistant Editor:  Neil Meiklejohn

Completion/Special Effects
Colorist:  Stefan Sonnenfeld
Transfer Facility: Company 3

Co: Method