BMB London, Space Raiders Want You to Eat Alien Babies

By Erik Oster 

In what is surely one of the most bizarre campaigns for a snack brand we’ve seen, BMB London launched the 90-second “Dark Secrets Revealed!” for KP Snacks’ crisp brand (that’s chips to us Americans) Space Raider.

The online spot, which will run for two weeks, was preceded by teasers posted on YouTube and Facebook promising leaked footage revealing “astonishing secrets,” with the spot retargeted to those who viewed the trailers. Shot in a style meant to mimic leaked government footage, it shows scientists discovering and dissecting an alien. After removing an unidentified organ, one of the scientists announces that he’s found something and pulls out a Space Raider, announcing, “Pickled…onion, if I’m not mistaken.” Viewers are then called upon to “Help us eat their babies before they take over the Earth.” BMB London and Space Raiders clearly are banking on the spot’s bizarreness and WTF factor making it shareable.

“We are very excited to have created an out of this world film for Space Raiders, an iconic snack brand, loved by many since childhood and now being rediscovered by a new audience online,” said George Johnston, marketing director of KP Snacks. “We always knew that Space Raiders would take over the earth and now we’ve found the footage to prove it!”