Blue Moon Gives You Super Powers in Latest Venables Bell & Partners Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

Way back in March—before all those REI Cannes awards—Venables Bell & Partners launched its first campaign for what was then its newest client, MillerCoors’ “craft” beer Blue Moon.

The theme of the campaign was “Something’s Brewing,” and the debut ad was a well-animated ode to creativity and artisanship. (Is that even a word?)

On Tuesday, the agency launched a new campaign offering a very different spin on the same basic idea. In this case, the brewing is really about cooking. The spot stars Roy Choi, the celebrity chef who allegedly started the food truck movement and inspired the John Favreau movie titled, appropriately, Chef.

Get ready for some more Valencia oranges, fast food and … telekinesis?

Whoa there, Jean Grey!

Here’s a behind the scenes video in which Choi explains how he was inspired by his L.A. homies to move away from a planned career as a doctor or lawyer and go into making the world’s most delicious tacos.

The press release tells us that Blue Moon just turned 21, so it can finally drink itself. It can also buy beers at concerts featuring the band Family of the Year, which collaborated with head brewmaster Keith Villa on the campaign.

Villa said: “I have always pulled inspiration for the beers I create from my travels and the creative people I’ve met along the way. I’m thrilled to team up with Roy and Family of the Year to pair our art forms and see how each of our creative processes influences the others.”

The video series also includes some Choi recipes that include Blue Moon as an ingredient along with chicken thighs, etc.

Here’s a behind the scenes short featuring the band, which does not include any VB&P employees.

With time and practice, they might just come up with that perfect song. But first, more beer.


Spot titles: “Brewer”, “Food” and “Musician”
Client: Blue Moon Brewing Co.
Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners / San Francisco

Founder, Chairman: Paul Venables
ECD: Will McGinness
Creative Director: Lee Einhorn
Senior Art Director: Kyle Jones
Copywriter: Chris Bull
Producer: Melissa Nagy
Producer: Sasha White
Director of Integrated Production: Craig Allen
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