Blue Man Group Turns 25, Lives in ‘Full Color’

By Kiran Aditham 

Blue Man Group’s new campaign message isn’t inspired by a certain popular 90’s sketch comedy show; it is, rather, a celebration of the silent yet frenetic troupe’s 25 years of live performances.

BMG partnered with brand consultancy firm Oberland (co-founded in 2014 by JWT/Cossette alum Bill Oberlander) in an attempt to “revist…the mission at the core of [its] creation” and dare the masses to “live in full color.” The end result is a series of spots and a variety of out-of-home work emphasizing messages like “Avoid Beige” and “Safe is Too Dangerous.”


From Oberlander, whose new shop practices “madvocacy” for purpose-driven organizations like BMG and The Robin Hood Foundation:

“‘Dare To Live In Full Color’ is a mission to inspire people inside and outside the theatre to reconnect with their inner-sophisticated child-self, to remember a time when they felt invincibly creative, happy and fearless.”

The “Dare” effort does consistently stick to the vivid concepts throughout the various components.

Chris Wink, co-founder of Blue Man Group — which had humble beginnings off-Broadway before evolving into a global entertainment brand — waxes poetic about the campaign:

“If you are a member of the human race, chances are you desire to be a part of a tribe, to express your creativity and most importantly, you seek out experiences which make you feel fully alive. Over time, life seems to temper that desire, we often suppress it. The Blue Man Group performance was created and is continually re-created with that basic human need in mind. Ideally, we can have a collective euphoric experience together.”

Here’s a second spot: