Blind Items: No Booze for You!

By Patrick Coffee 

Happy Summer Friday to all in the agency world.

Today we return to the old reliable “blind items” in which we share unofficial news that’s simply too good to pass up.

  • First, a certain New York agency led by a very visible executive has lost some accounts and let a few people go in recent months … but this week its employees are most upset about a big change to the annual company party. Instead of the usual branded bash, 2017’s event will consist of a modest gathering in a nearby park at which employees are required to bring their own food and supplies. Perhaps most importantly, there will be no alcohol provided. Ain’t no party like a sober party, but the agency’s CEO says things are great, nothing to see here…
  • Speaking of reputations, another U.S. network offering PR, creative and marketing services faces a challenge called Glassdoor. According to our sources, the company has gone so far as to “offer prize incentives for employees to leave positive reviews” on the anonymous job site. The nature of those incentives are not clear at the moment, but given the fact that current employees describe the atmosphere there as “political,” “combative” and “downright ugly,” it might be a smart investment.
  • In more serious news, it’s 2017 and gender relations are still a big problem in certain parts of the agency world. One creative leader recently left his job after a somewhat lengthy tenure, and several current and former female employees who worked under him have since reached out to tell us why. According to six different women, he got fired due to “multiple sexual harassment claims” and accusations regarding an inappropriate relationship with one or more younger women on his team. A source was offended by the idea that he may have left the job on his own terms, but declined to comment on the record.
  • Another creative leader at a big-name agency has allegedly been suspended after “showing up high at awards shows” and behaving erratically at other company events. According to our sources, this executive—who has been the subject of at least one legal case filed by a now-former female employee—responded to another woman’s recent questions about a potential promotion by reciting details from her online dating profiles like your friend’s creepy uncle.