This Production Company Made an Incognito Hip-Hop Video Over 2 Years of Commercial Shoots

By Patrick Coffee 

Before today, we had never really asked ourselves what the hell production crews do during the downtime on a commercial shoot. That might be because we assumed the answer would be “get drunk” and/or “write emails.”

But then a reader alerted us to a project in which Portland-based Droptree Productions used the time spent on two years’ worth of commercial shoots to make … a hip-hop video.

Normally we would not promote a five-minute clip of white guys rapping, but this one is clearly made for all the ad dorks out there. See if you can pick out some of the spots they worked on.


The track is a bit long for our tweetdeck attention spans, but they had to get all those sick shots in, bro!

You might not be into the Beastie-style rhymes and production on this tune, but the lyrics are all about the biz with lines like “Pro tip two: when dealing with your client, learn to push back without seeming defiant!” Kind of awkward, but it works.

Oh, and check out the throwback site with the comic sans.

Disclaimer: we haven’t really kept up with crossover hip-hop since 2008 beyond Run the Jewels, and everybody’s grandma listens to them now. Approaching 40 is fun.