Blind Item: Existentialism, Like Whoa

By Matt Van Hoven 

What is advertising if not a means for avoiding our true selves. It is the scurrilous language of capitalism, fraught with data and devoid of anything resembling meaning. Or something:

“Instead of doing the consuming and the spending,the consuming and the spending is doing us!Consuming and spending is taking away all of everyones energy and people are soon going to realize they have been “living” lives of illusion. Finally people will know what Thoreau meant when he said: I went into the woods to learn all that life had to teach…not to find out when it came time to die that I had never lived”. We are hardly connected to ourselves,how can we connect to others except through the ILLUSION of connecting:thevicarious, virtual “connecting” of advertizing.It is mere distraction from the emptyness of our livs that we fill ourselves with instead of doing the hard work involved in HAVING a self TO connect with, THEN reach out from that authentic wholeness (after, of course our own most basic physical needs are met, that is) to others so that EVERYONE can HAVE their basic needs met, too. Only then can authentic connection , instead of materialistic, fake “connection”, happen”


Advertising, ruining the world one connection at a time.

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