Blind Item: Care to Guess Which Agency is Behind this Job Listing?

By Kiran Aditham 


From the Spy line, one tipster asks, “Is this a joke or is Don Draper hiring?” Seems pretty standard from the get-go until you get towards the finish line, which could seem Draper-esque. Not sure if this is the normal job description nowadays for an agency executive administrative assistant but seems a bit much, no? Anyways, we checked the link sent to us and it appears legit. You be the judge:

  • “Manage the inbox of the General Manager, file and deal with responses as requested

  • Maintain calendar and proactively work to resolve scheduling overlap or changes at short notice

  • Organize meetings and events

  • Type letters, memos, presentations, faxes, meeting minutes, etc. as required

  • Make and manage travel arrangements using BCD’s web travel portal

  • Create and maintain an organized filing system that is up to date

  • Expenses – maintain and settle in a timely manner

  • Update key contact information regularly and have on hand for quick reference

  • Produce minutes and presentation documents as required

  • Attend requested meetings and manage action points

  • Answer all telephone calls professionally

  • Make decisions to action call requests appropriately in the absence of the GM

  • Ensure arrangements for the General Manager’s visitors are taken care of

  • Ensure internal and external communications are handled in a professional and mature manner

  • Assist with the General Manager’s personal life, managing and anticipating needs outside of work including but not limited to: family duties (managing kids’ calendars, keeping passports & important documents up to date, working with spouse on miscellaneous projects, picking up children on occasion), organizing house duties (repairs, a/v technical issues, home purchases), managing all finances & cash flow, and personal errands as needed

  • Additional administrative tasks as requested”