Big Spaceship Relaunches as SPCSHP for a New Community Era

By Kyle O'Brien 

Independent creative agency Big Spaceship is relaunching as SPCSHP (pronounced “Spaceship”) to usher in a new era, one centered on new and upleveled services, and a community-driven approach at its core.

The SPCSHP community will include individuals and organizations, serving as a distributed board of experts for their clients, among other things. At launch, this cohort will consist of other agencies, including Noble People, individual experts like Michael Ventura, author of Applied Empathy, and platforms and media companies including podcast innovator Hark Audio, among others.

“Big Spaceship was founded with an explorer’s mindset. We’ve always believed in the power of human connection—to transform industries and create new pathways for creativity,” said founder and executive chairman Michael Lebowitz in a statement. “As we embark on our next phase, our goal is for SPCSHP to create a community that allows our clients to reap the benefits of the incredible network of people we’ve had the privilege of connecting with over the last 24 years. We’re opening it up to bring expertise and divergent perspectives to one place.”


Lebowitz launched Big Spaceship in 2000 with an aim to be a better, more human agency. What began as a digital experience agency focused on developing digital campaigns for film and television has evolved over the past 23-plus years into a full-service creative agency. Today, SPCSHP’s client relationships span from start-ups to established Fortune 500 companies including YouTube, JPMorganChase, PepsiCo and Starbucks.

“Our exploration has and will always be centered around our community and relationships with clients and partners,” said Ranae Heuer, CEO at SPCSHP in a statement. “As we embark on this new chapter, we remain committed to fostering these partnerships—with an expanded range of services that help brands demonstrate their value and create meaningful connections.”

SPCSHP also will include new offerings from the agency, including a newly redesigned website, social content and community division, building on the agency’s proprietary research tool, Reveal, and cult newsletter, Internet Brunch.

Additional expanded service offerings, community members, and partnerships will be revealed in the coming months.