Berlin Cameron Steals Dress for Gilt

By Erik Oster 

Berlin Cameron United’s new campaign for Gilt features a chase scene and some unusual disrobing.

Upon sighting a model in a sleek yellow dress, a woman decides she can’t live without the outfit and chases after her. The model frantically runs away, because that’s what you do when you’re pursued by a woman with a crazy look in her eye. Appropriately set to the song “Suit” by Boom! Bap! Pow!, which features lyrics like “You’re so cute, I want to wear you like a suit. I think you’d look pretty good on me,” the chase concludes with the woman accessing Gilt’s site on her smartphone. This causes the dress to seamlessly slide off the model and on to the chaser, leaving the model in her underwear. While a tad on the ridiculous side, the spot shows off the instant gratification of shopping on the designer fashion site in a fun way. The 30-second ad, which went up on YouTube today, will spread to television on Monday, reports Adweek. Credits after the jump.


Chief Marketing Officer: Elizabeth Francis
Agency: Berlin Cameron United
Executive Creative Director: Roald Van Wyk
Creative Director, Copywriter: Kim Devall
Executive Producer: Jennifer Glendining
Account Director: Wynter O-Blanquet
Production Company: Good Egg
Director: Christopher Sweeney
Executive Producer: Julia Reed
Producer: Dawn Rose
Director of Photography: Robert Witt
Foreign Production Company: El Camino Films
Executive Producer: Nicolas Aznarez
Editing: Final Cut
Editor: J.D. Smyth
Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss
Producer: Beth Fitzpatrick
Finishing: Significant Others
Visual Effects Artist: Cecil Hooker
Audio Engineer: T. Terressa Tate
Color: Color Collective