BBH NY Raises Awareness for Great Nations Eat

By Erik Oster 

BBH New York launched a PSA campaign on behalf of Great Nations Eat, a partnership between national anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength and the filmmakers responsible for the Participant Media documentary A Place at the Table.

A series of spots released in time for the Fourth of July tackle the myth of the American Dream, with unfavorable comparisons between hunger statistics in the United States and other countries. Representatives of these other countries present stark realities about hunger in the U.S. and decide that their country must do something to help, echoing PSA campaigns in the U.S. calling for aid to developing nations. It hammers home the message that far too many people in the country suffer from hunger and a lack of access to nutritious food. While it might not surprise viewers that a nation like Germany has less of a hunger problem than the U.S., many may be surprised by ads showing that the nation lags behind China and Slovenia in the category, making for a memorable and impactful call to action.

“Hunger exists in every community and it affects the life of 1 in 6 Americans. That doesn’t happen in any other developed nation. It shouldn’t happen here,” said Billy Shore, founder and chief executive officer, Share Our Strength. “Ending hunger is possible. It will take public awareness and political outreach to build the necessary national will. It will take nonprofits, corporations, media outlets and government, all working together with ordinary citizens. That is Great Nations Eat.”

“The media landscape today looks very different than it did in 1968,” added Tom Colicchio, executive producer of A Place at the Table.